Surely … just … one … more … activity …

After, ooh, maybe an hour of sleep on the plane for me, maybe none for Mem, some for E and a reasonable amount for C, we hit Changi Airport in a state of disrepair – fortunately the airline had sprung for a six hour stretch in a transit hotel so we could shower (wonderful) and sleep – some for Mem, about an hour for me. So of course there was only one thing to do – when the girls had slept out the six hours we had breakfast (ish) and cleared ourselves through Immigration to go to the Singapore Zoo. The day was 33° and about 85% humidity, which the cab driver described as "not a bad day" but I beg to disagree. The zoo took about four hours of walking – we handled it OK but everyone was varying shades of pink by the end, and they made some money on the water and icy pole sales from us. The zoo itself is excellent – naturalistic habitats and a fantastic collection, and a lot of chances to interact with the animals. Got back in plenty of time for dinner and even a ten dollar shower for me!

Signing off – MME&C.

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