On to Hiroshima

A double shinkansen to Hiroshima passed quite boringly, flicking in and out of tunnels past template light-industrial Japanese towns. Hotel was trickier to reach but well worth it, lovely room and a great view north. Gave the girls some crash time while we scouted for lunch, the city feels unpretentious and easygoing and we like it. Walked by the river under a bridge, not realising it was the Aioi bridge until we rounded the bend and saw the A-bomb dome, a bit of a shock although we were expecting to reach it. Decided to go through the memorial museum and warned the girls against some of the more confronting things, but as always it’s the small things which bring it home to you and I had to spend a little time to one side – I know the morality is complex but the individual suffering was something I had trouble contemplating. The girls were interested (E) and tired but somewhat interested (C) – fortunately E already knew the story of Sadako but she spent a long time at the exhibit reading the information and looking at the photos. I don’t think she was badly upset but there was a lot going on in her mind.

Walked straight into the city for dinner and found a casual place which served interesting things to Mem and I, and thank the gods, chips and rice for the young degustants, an easy and tasty meal for all. Early night, we have to hit the tram at 7:30 for a train-ferry connection to Miyajima for high tide.

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