Last Tokyo day

Slow start for tired people – had a few jobs to do like booking trains for tomorrow, and the ultimate mission: find the shop with the largest Hello Kitty in Japan. Fortunately, only a few blocks from our hotel. Mission accomplished, then Kinokuniya Books, but that brought on a very unpleasant headache for Miss C. Booked trains, abandoned a few plans and decamped to the hotel for medication and a rest. Take-out lunch in the hotel room and then the ladies wanted to go to the book / department store while I had an interest in Ochanomizu so we split for a couple of hours. Came back on the train in rush hour (as expected!) with a bag on my shoulder (as expected!) and then we went out in search of a street restaurant for dinner – after a trip to a pharmacy practicing "Sumimasen, ibuprofen o kudasai" to get some tablets for Cal’s resurgent headache – and found a little diner with the typical "pay and press buttons" menu in the entrance, gave the tickets to the overworked dude at the grill and he served us some tasty dishes which the girls sampled.

Back to the hotel for the last night in Tokyo – if I get organised in the morning we may get out to Meiji Jingu which is just a short walk to the south, but we’ll have to be early!

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