Kanazawa day

Got ourselves out to Kenroku-en using a local bus today, the driver waved us off without charging (probably because he figured it would take too long to explain things!). Kenroku-en is supposedly one of the three great gardens of Japan and it was pretty stunning. Mem was in her element. After walking around in the grey and rain (actually a nice way to see it) we crossed the road to the 21st Century Art Museum which turned out to be great – a bit like the MCA in Sydney I would say. Couple of really stunning pieces including a fathomless black oval cast in a giant concrete room by Anish Kapoor – unfortunately the only place we could take photos was in the "pool" which has a suspended layer of water over a space you could walk in, it was uncannily like being underwater. A very nice change from total Japan immersion too.

That took most of the day so we gathered ourselves for a late lunch and headed back via the Kanazawa Castle grounds, saw an original storehouse which I think was centuries old and one of the few survivors of the 1765 fire which destroyed the main castle. And missed the 4pm cutoff for the castle entrance again by about 6 minutes. So we came back and fell briefly asleep (well I did) and then went out for a fairly indifferent meal – the language barrier is the main disappointment, we are restricted to eating in places we can point to stuff which is kind of lame. But the girls could have tonkatsu and CHIPS which was wonderful given that they have had some more challenging food recently and not complained at all. And then bathtime for the young persons before well-earned bed. We are booked for our Kyoto train at 11 tomorrow. Kanazawa has been a nice place to visit – people are friendly and the fish markets are really cool.

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