Into it

Long long long day and it’s only 5pm! Caught the N’EX train from the airport to Shinjuku, found our hotel, left bags, wandered Shinjuku looking for the pickup to get to the tour Tamami had booked, then on the tour went to the 40th floor of the World Trade building, went up Sumida River on a ferry thing, overcast and teeming with rain so not exactly spectacular. But we saw Asakusa, bought umbrellas, walked besiude the surrounds of the Imperial Palace, tapped our Suica cards to ride the train back from Tokyo Station to Shinjuku, and bought the kids and us a hotel-room dinner from the Takashimaya food hall with $140 honeydew melons, so we feel like we made it. All zonked and headed for bed by about 8 I would reckon!

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