Despite another train leg, we had a really fun day today. Mem and I nipped out early for a look at Hiroshima Castle, with the young ladies asleep in the room – we returned with breakfast and hit the day. Sad to leave Hiroshima, it’s such a bustling and unpretentious place.

Shinkansen Sakura 546 at 11ish took us to Shin-Osaka then on to Osaka Station, right next to our hotel. Unusually we had a plan of what to do, so we headed out to Tamma station and I took the young ladies to Kids’ World Osaka which was a great fun activity place and a nice change from the less kid-exciting stuff they have to do with us. They had a ball for a couple of hours, including a mock TV broadcast and lots of sciency and dressup activities. I sent Mem into the nearby shopping district which was enjoyable but a little cheap and tatty. On the way back we decided to skip the hotel and headed straight down to Shinsaibashi district which is a little jumble of shops, bars and restaurants, by far the coolest little bit of any place we’ve been, and as the evening came on it changed from its day personality to something more noir. We found a nice ramen restaurant which did slices of roast pork and rice – the kids were delighted – so Mem and I could grab a nice feed as well. It was a great end to an unexpectedly light and entertaining day.

Tomorrow, the mighty Kaiyukan aquarium and who knows what we’ll have energy for after that.

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